Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Gone Little Tiking

Thrift stores and garage sales are a great way to stock up on outdoor equipment. You'll only use it for a limited time and if it's a well-known brand, it will retain it's value and you can sell it for more than you paid once your children have outgrown it. I have been doing just this for the past few weeks. Some items, I flipped. Like a Step 2 Townhouse kitchen that cost me six dollars (sold it for $40 in about an hour). But, mostly, I've been Little Tiking for Bubba so that he has something to keep him busy outside while his sisters collect bugs.

Little Tiking is a verb invented by my friend J. when she noticed the Little Tikes takeover of my backyard: Have you been Little Tiking? Why, yes, I have been Little Tiking, but only on the cheap, so I don't count myself among those crazy moms who spend gobs of money on plastic toys. Plastic, ya hear me?! You can build the same stuff with wood for less. Hell, you could probably build the same stuff with gold for less. Anyway, back to my recent Little Tikes acquisitions. I practice what I preach: shop thrift stores. Especially for those must-have expensive, plastic kid toys:
  • Little Tikes SwingAlong Climber -- retail price:$120 My price:$43 (garage sale)

  • Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox --retail price:$40 My price:$15 (craigslist)

  • Little Tikes Wagon -- retail price:$50 My price: $4 (thrift store)

  • Little Tikes Climber Cube -- retail price:$250 My price: $5 (thrift store)

  • Little Tikes Cozy Coupe -- retail price: $65 My price: $7.50 (thrift store)

  • Total Amount Saved: $450.50

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