Thursday, September 28, 2006

We WON the Lottery!

Not really. But, it certainly feels like it. Bubba as been -sort of-unofficially-not-until-you-sign-in-blood - offered a spot for next fall at the same Montessori school his older sis attended.

I am over the moon because this school is our first choice and we've been on the waitlist so long that Bubba has actually been offered a spot in the older class because he's too young for our original classroom choice (sorry, dear. Our toddler program is really small). I get it. We only had to wait two years to get in. Now, you're stuck with us for the next three years!

On another positive note: Madhubby and I have a date night scheduled! We've found a new sitter and she's all set to give us a break - er - positively influence the little ones while we sample the fruits of Ted's Montana Grill and enjoy a well-earned movie.

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