Monday, October 9, 2006

We Regret to Inform You That Your Daughter Has No Athletic Ability

In a recent e-mail from Lizzie's soccer coach, he diplomatically said what we already know to be true: Lizzie needs to work hard if she's going to improve her game. Of course, coming from him it sounds like criticism.

"I'd love to see her take up the game as a lifelong pursuit and to aspire to excellence for years to come. " Just on her own time and not on my team.

"While this indeed is a recreational league, soccer by its nature is a competitive game. We don't emphasize scores and division standings, but believe me that the division in which we play by definition has aspects of it that are competitive. Players cannot advance in their knowledge of the game if they fail to embrace the concepts of challenging and winning the ball or scoring every goal at every opportunity." And, your daughter has neither scored a goal nor succesfully won the ball, therefore, she's totally useless to my "recreational" team and shouldn't bother showing up, anymore.

"I hope the tone of the e-mail hasn't put you off." I'm not put-off just pissed-off. There is a difference.

At least, that's how I read it. I am open to other interpretations.

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Magdalena said...

Hi, I actually coached my son's team for 5 years... This coach is taking himself way too seriously... It's about having fun, and allowing each child do the best she/he can, build self-confidence, and get some exercise!