Saturday, December 16, 2006

Capital Punishment Too Painful?

California's lethal cocktail is coming under fire as being "cruel and unusual punishment" under the Eighth Amendment.

Cruel and unusual punishment? What about Morales' 17-year old victim whom he raped and beat to death? Her death was cruel, unusual, evil, unnecessary, painful, and lonely. And, this fu*ker Morales got to live twenty-five more years after being convicted. How is that justice for his victim or for her family?

When we take away felons' right to vote, I think we ought to void their Constitutional rights, too. One automatic appeal and that's it. No second chances. No moratoriums and absolutely no right to challenge capital punishment wielding the Constitution as a weapon. Capital punishment is painful because it's is considered the ultimate deterrent. It hasn't served its purpose but I still support its use. And, I think lethal injection is too humane for murders and rapists.

As a mother to daughters and as a law student, I can unequivocally state: a**holes like Morales do not deserve to live; the more painful their deaths, the better. In fact, let's put them to death in the same manner as their victims. I'm sure some of San Quentin's residents would be happy to oblige Mr. Morales. It would be like a scene straight out of American Me and the punishment would always fit the crime.

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