Sunday, December 17, 2006

Matt Damon is Hot Shit

I just saw The Departed and OH. MY. GOD. I don't want to give too much of the movie away, but I will say that Leo DiCaprio should so win Best Actor this year. And, if Matt Damon (or Leo) isn't crowned People's Sexiest Man of the Year, those voters oughta have their eyes checked. I mean, my Gawd, when did Leo DiCaprio become so damn intoxicating? He was awkward and whiny in This Boy's Life. But now? Now, Leo simply oozes sex appeal in Scorcese's good cop/bad cop flick. Stupid Gisele Bundchen.

Oh, and Matt. I have a special place for Matt. It's private and not suitable for children. I know he's a bit on the short, homely side but he seems like such a nice guy, which is why his turn as Colin Sullivan is dead-on. Aptly cast and aptly played. Kudos, Matt!

Mark Walhberg. Calvin Klein. 'Nuff said. Can't wait to see him in the Brazilian Job in '08.

Jack Nicholson. Old and more than a bit lecherous, but still totally fuckable. Did I really just write that? There is just something about Jack Nicholson. He's so naughty. He is still the Jack I loved from Terms of Endearment but with a bit more chutzpah in this movie. No wonder Lara Flynn Boyle can't let him go. You know he a freak. Plus, I love that in this movie, his woman is much hotter (and younger) than Matt Damon's. You know Jack orchestrated that shit.

Anyway, this movie is a must-see either on DVD or (preferably) in the theater. It's hip, it's got A-list actors and Leo takes his shirt off. What other reasons do you need?

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