Monday, December 18, 2006

Problem Child

Olie has been having trouble with a boy at school. He pushes her down, he punches her and, today, he deliberately threw a ball at her face, necessitating a visit to the Health Office and an ice pack. Olie's tormentor is five years old, like her, but his parents don't seem to care or want to change his behavior.

So, last Friday, Madhubby and I had a sit-down with the school principal. She suggested a three-pronged attack: teach Olie to be more assertive, the school psychologist will continue to work with the boy on identifying boundaries, and she, herself, will address the issues with extended kindergarten care. I had a suggestion, too: expel the troublemaker. Just do away with this whole "kids aren't bad, it's their behavior" crap and meet the problem head-on. Just admit that, yeah, sometimes, kids suck and some most parents are too lazy to do anything about it, so the school needs to take action. I don't think she liked my suggestion.

But, I know my daughter is not the only child this boy torments. He has frequently been in the Principal's office and his parent's have been made aware of his behavior, yet it continues. Today, I teared up when Olie recounted her day and how this boy, this little chubby faced kid, took a ball and deliberately threw it at her head, and smirked when she began crying. No apologies. Just *BAM!* He could have blinded her! Or paralyzed her when he hit her square in the spine while standing in line. His punishment was a five minute time-out. How about a good, old-fashioned spanking.

Back in my day (here I go), kids who misbehaved got whipped with a yard stick, in front of the whole class. It wasn't considered abuse. It was discipline and not one of us blew up the school or killed our principal. Nope. At least one of us went to college, had children, bought home and went to law school.

We didn't die, but parents today are so self-righteous. They don't want any interference and they definitely don't want to be told they are fucking up at their most important responsibility.

If this were normal, playground taunting, I would be less incensed, but this kid causes my daughter actual physical pain and that, I will not abide.

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