Monday, February 12, 2007

The Grammy Post

Last night was the first time I've ever watched the entire Grammy show. It was surprisingly good. Less presentations and more music made for a very enjoyable show plus the "JT and Special Guest Performer" carrot kept me watching. I wish JT would have sung SexyBack but I like My Love, too.

Ugh. Beyonce? Hot. Ass. Mess. Can she disappear into the same hole where Jessica Simpson is hiding? She is so fake. I love how the highlights in her weave perfectly match her skin tone. Such a golden girl, that Beyonce. Whatevah.

Mary J was off the chain, as usual. Seriously, she killed it. I had tears in my eyes when she won that second Grammy since Mary J has never gotten any Grammy love before last night. I was really pulling for her to win "Album of the Year" and "Song of the Year," but those honors went to the Dixie Chicks. Aside from homegirls needing a new stylist, I'm not going to disparage them their awards. Their music is decent - much better than that James Blunt - so I can be happy for them.

I would have liked a more enthusiastic performance from the Chili Peppers but, it was late. Anthony Kiedis may have been struggling to stay sober or awake or both. So, he did what he did. Ellen's face when AK threw out s*** was priceless. I so love Ellen and Portia. Such a beautiful and sophisticated couple.

I also would have liked for the Grammy committee to actually take a stand and nominate ROCK bands in the rock category. Neil Young and Tom Petty are rock but are they even on the fringe, let alone cutting edge? I don't think so. How about bands like "Incubus" or "Fall Out Boy" or "All-American Rejects?" Or, if they want other bands who are definitely in the rock category, there is "Trivium," "Rise Against," or "30 Second to Mars." The Grammy's try too hard to mirror "pop culture" that they lose sight of their target audience: people who like music and people who know that a Corinne Bailey Rae/John Mayer/John Legend medley sucks.

How about that lame ass Eagles tribute? Did The Eagles give Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwear permission to butcher their songs? I like Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwear - when they sing their own damn songs. Not when they completely ruin some amazing classic rock hits. Madhubby's reasoning was that both The Police and The Eagles would have been too much competition for one show and thus caused an ego explosion. He may be right.

So, Grammy folks, next year: don't take too long to give good artists their props, try to stock the categories with artists who are relevant to the current decade, and, if you know the lead singer of a band who is performing has, or is recovering from, a substance abuse problem, try to give that band an earlier performance slot.

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