Sunday, February 11, 2007


I have been looking forward to The Grammy's since I heard The Police were the opening act. Madhubby and I debated about whether Sting still had the pipes to pull off any song. I argued that Sting takes very good care of his body and it makes sense that he would take care of his voice, too. Madhubby relented, yet we never quite agreed on which song The Police would use as their "come back" song.

We both thought it might be Every Breath You Take but then I had an ephiphany that they would pull out the big guns: Roxanne (though I harbored some secret hope for King of Pain). I am so happy to be right because Roxanne still rocks even after all these years even if Sting can't hit the high notes and he did some weird I-forgot-the-words medley. But, whatever. I'm buying The Singles this week and injecting it straight onto the iPod.

**UPDATE: The Police announced that they will tour North America this summer.

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