Monday, March 19, 2007

Buckling Down

I am so tired. I feel as though I am trying to slog through mud while carrying 100 pound weights attached to my body by industrial strength chains. Much of it is the medication I take to regulate my depression. I stopped cold turkey (not recommended) for about three months and went back on it right before my mother came to visit. I didn't want to be a total bitch while she was here. So, happy-happy-joy-joy meds were in order.

More of my tiredness comes from school even though we are on spring break. I have lots of outlining and practice exams to do. I have tons of research to do for my Sex paper. The reason I am not getting anything done is because my mother is here where she will remain until the end of my semester. I am thankful for that but I am getting so little done because she wants me to drive her around so she can "get familiar with the neighborhoods."

I have to stop driving her around town to help her get "acclimated" because it is a huge time suck and I have so little of that precious commodity right now. Since she arrived last week, I have only spent a few hours doing actual, paid work, which is very bad for my bank account and impending mortgage payment. I. must. do. more. work.

Have you tried working when you have house guests? I can't do it. Once, I actually quit a job when we had a house guest because work interfered with our skiing plans. Irresponsible, I know, but I was only twenty-four and a new college grad. Another job was easily had. This time, nuh-uh. I need to buckle down and do some work because I actually like and need this job. So, this evening, I will lock myself in my room with my laptop and I will do some work. Right after I watch "24."

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