Tuesday, March 20, 2007


24 was so boring last night. President Palmer is still in a coma. Tom Lennox is still a puppet controlled by the mighty hand of Powers Boothe. The Milo-Chloe-Morris exchange wasn't even enough to lift the show from the doldrums. That kiss was so...emotionless. I am still having a hard time believing those two were ever married because she is such a rat face and he's a smoldering sexy beast. Eh. Stranger things have happened.

Oh, and who is Audrey? Bauer is hell-bent on avenging her death whomever she is. He's going to tackle that tomorrow morning, right after he disarms those other four nukes.

I am really hoping that next week will be better. A nuclear strike on foreign soil narrowly averted by a comatose Wayne Palmer!!

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