Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday, Bad Cop

There is a police raid going on RIGHT NOW at the house across the street. Two unmarked cars just drove past my house and parked in front of my neighbor's house. Four plain clothes cops are walking up to the house. Oh! Two went around back. The cop with the warrant is doing the police knock. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! No answer. Someone opens the front door. Hmm...looks like the two cops around back entered (broke into?) the house because I don't see my scuzzy neighbors anywhere.

15 minutes later
The cops are leaving. Three cops get in one car and leave but the fourth one is staying behind to stake out the house! I totally knew my neighbors were into something illegal. The strange thing is I have not seen them all day. Usually, there are four cars in their driveway. Today, nada. Maybe they skipped town because someone tipped them off. Either way, they will, hopefully, be out of the neighborhood. YAY!

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