Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thick As Thieves

Lizzie received a ticket and a voucher for additional discount tickets to a semi-pro basketball game this Friday night. She wants to take the friend, of whom we strenuously disprove, who is also a thief. We would prefer she choose a friend who is a better influence. We know she plays with this friend at school, which is fine, but we've carefully avoided any activities outside of school. So, what would you do?


Zuska said...

I don't think I'd allow it. E has a few "at school friends" who I disapprove of, and I have been taking the same approach - talk to them at school, fine - but I'm not going to encourage it.

And these girls are latch-key kids, and spend time hanging around the local library after school. I see them around in the afternoons, and I see nothing worse than them oogling some 7th grade boys.

I think the manicures and lattes would send me way past the point of consideration (but not the cell phone - we're in a walking community, and I think that around age 11/6th grade - cell phones become a valuable tool in this setting - a tool with which to be in touch with PARENTS or other caretaking adults - and that's it.)

Zuska said...

oh - i missed the thief part.

I would find a way to intercede with the at school part, honestly.

LawSchoolMom said...

Honestly, I think Lizzie's friend is a very nice kid who just has a bad home life (dad on house arrest for multiple DUI and DWI offenses, mom is a homeless crack addict, stepmom is not-so-great).

There's not much I can do about the school part and at this point, it doesn't much matter because they will attend different middle and high schools.

Lizzie and I are a lot alike in that we gravitate to society's outcasts and downtrodden in an effort to "help" them. I only hope my daughter can have a calming influence on this girl while resisting the undesirable parts of her personality.