Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cold Turkey

Bubba is so close to complete toilet training. How did we go from puddles on the floor to near perfect peeing in about a week, you ask? Easy. We went cold turkey on the disposable training pants, which are really just pull-on diapers, and reverted to old school, cotton training pants. We also used lollipops. Lots and lots of lollipops. So, yeah, my kid might have a mouth full of cavities but, dammit, he now poops in the potty instead of on the floor. And that's worth a pound of dum-dums in my book.

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LL said...

I have no comment on potty training (yet), but just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog after Landon's birth. I'm also excited to find another law school mommy blog :) The little internet community of us that has sprung up is pretty great!