Friday, July 20, 2007

The English Major in Me Pokes Her Head Out and Bitches For a Bit

Tonight, you can find us at the Biggest Release Party in Boulder. The girls have already chosen which characters they will be - Hermione for Lizzie, naturally - and Hermione's "long lost sister," Jamie for Olie. Olie's costume was cobbled together from our dress-up trunk; we will set out soon to thrift for Lizzie's preppy threads. I think Bubba is going to be Hedwig with a cantankerous twist.

Despite celebrating the book release, I doubt any of us will be eager enough to stay up and read it through the night. Honestly, I'm not sure we'll even buy the book. I mean, really. I'm so over J.K. Rowling and her bland writing style. When reading her tripe, I often have to take a step back and remember her audience: tweens. Maybe tweens like to read Rowling's summaries of previous books/events, that often gobble up valuable pages (and artificially inflate the length of her books), but I think its annoying. I think she's annoying. I mean who the fuck does she think she is? Harper Lee?

Speaking of annoyances: West Nile virus is on the rise once again in my fair state and, in an effort to combat the little blood-suckers, the city is blanketing us in a pesticides. Wonderful.

My neighbor across the fence - one half of the Hippie Dinks - politely asked us to opt-out because they eat the food that they grow in their garden. I complied because we have apples and cherries growing in our yard, too, the sole purpose of which was to avoid pesticides and harvest organically. Other neighbors are also on board so hopefully we'll all be able to avoid a nasty pesticide dousing.

My gut feeling is we will still inadvertently end up with some chemicals in our space because of wind changes and the like. I just hope it's a tolerable level.

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