Saturday, August 4, 2007

Date Night

Last night Madhubby and I enjoyed the benefit of a long, tough week of moving my mother into her new home: an evening out on the town sans children. Heaven. Well, except for the argument we had and the tedious wait to see The Bourne Ultimatum; the line for movie was much longer than the line for Star Wars: Episode I. Thank goodness I bought our tickets ahead of time since the movie sold out well before we were even seated!

The movie was so-so and I'm a fan of the Bourne series. I loved the first movie, but the second movie just didn't have the same magic for me, and this third installment is seriously lacking owing, in no small part, to the unexpected love interest.

But, the most exciting part is we had uninterrupted adult conversation! No half-hearted discussions or spelling out naughty words; I tossed around "fuck" so nonchalantly and frequently. I didn't have to share my candy or popcorn. We (could have) had sex with the bedroom door open. And, we awoke early and went to the gym without a reservation. I felt young and free, like a fun 31 year old woman instead of the dour lawschoolmom I think I've become.

And the children. They had so much fun spending the night at Grandma's. They were well-behaved, well-fed and given plenty of cuddles and kisses. Not that they aren't well-fed and cuddled at our house, but they are rarely well-behaved, which increases our household stress exponentially, and makes this momma a really, really unhappy woman.

Sure, moving my mother was back breaking work and we are polar opposites on a lot of issues, but her move here was well worth it and long overdue, because regular date nights, with the potential of open-door sex, is one thing that makes this lawschoolmom one very happy woman.

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Caroline said...

We childless folks do take our luxuries for granted, that's for sure. Like open-door sex. Whoda thunk.