Thursday, November 15, 2007

The People's Choice

Matt Damon was named People Magazine's 2002 Sexiest Man Alive and he's gotten a huge ego boost from it so says PeeMag. I think Matt Damon is hot shit, but I don't think he's sexy enough to be THE Sexiest Man Alive. He's sexy - just not consistently so. Like in this picture, which is the cover of PeeMag mind you, Matty looks a little beat or like he's had a few too many and needs a good place to sleep it off. Plus, he's got that ugly mole which is kinda un-sexy. So, I thought, PeeMag gave Matt the cover to shut him up and get Brad Pitt off their case, and included the seriously hot people further down the list.

I scrolled through PeeMag's list and I'm pretty sure all their picks came from post-menopausal women. JT? Ew. JT is not sexy. Popular and petite, but he's not really bringing sexy back. We just let him think that he is. Adrian Grenier? Who the f*ck? Just goes to show you that long hair is not sexy on all men.

Where are the usual suspects? Yeah, Brad Pitt is on there, but he looks like shit. Where's George or this guy? Last I checked ('bout two seconds ago) these guys were hot shit and Matt? Um, yeah, he's still got that fugly mole.

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