Sunday, December 9, 2007

Living My Life

I have an exam tomorrow but I am a stellar procrastinator so very little studying has been done this weekend. But, in my defense, the exam is an eight-hour take home. Not exactly a breeze but not the toughest nut to crack either. After all, I did major in English so I'm pretty adept at synthesizing a whole lot of material in a really short amount of time.

I did try to study this weekend. Ok, that's a lie. I thought about studying, yesterday, when we were at brunch, but today, while I was gleefully stuffing my basket full of vintage candies from the sweet shoppe and having a snowball fight with the kids, I didn't think about studying at all. Now, I'm thinking my case map is a bit anemic, but the Colts/Ravens football game is on and I'm riveted by Peyton Manning's enormous head, so studying is pretty much a lost cause at this point.

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