Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pardon the Silence

But, it's finals time and I've been busy, outlining, taking practice exams, and using every bit of spare energy I have to craft coherent and passable exam answers. Somehow, I've managed to stick to Operation: Dinner In; the Risotto is a keeper, but the Crab Bisque was a little too "fishy" for me.

Between meals and exam prep and wiping toddler butts and noses, I have NO TIME. You MILS know how it is. I have another exam tomorrow and a monster exam on Monday, so posting will be light for...a while. Good luck to everyone, especially the pregnant MILS, who've got to endure this exam period alcohol-free.

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Anonymous said...

Surely you jest! Forgive me, as I am a lowly, ignorant (seriously)
1L and I've been denying myself the alcohol for the past week (finals start next week). I feel that I need every precious minute to study and drinking will limit my study time. Please tell me I can drink, just for tonight and I will love you forever!
Hubby took the kids (and himself) to grandma's house for the rest of the week/weekend so I can study, but that also means I can drink...what's a girl to do?