Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Backyard Vacation

Something amazing and unprecedented is happening in our house. Madhubby is on vacation. Last year, he had taken all his vacation time by the end of April because we had no childcare for Bubba and I needed to finish my semester.  We had no other solution and he quickly burned through all his vacation time in that fashion.

Naturally, we rejoiced when January 1, 2008 rolled around and he received his yearly allotment of five weeks vacation. Predictably, he scheduled vacation as soon as possible. The snowy weather has us vacationing at home, so for the past few days we have been sleeping in, watching Criminal Minds on DVD, and just schlepping around in our sweatpants and slippers.

Of course we have carved out one-on-one time with the children. Yesterday, we took the girls to a movie and today Bubba, Madhubby, and I braved the chilly weather and headed west to the Colorado Railroad Museum. We toured all the cars in the yard, including Bubba's personal favorite, the caboose, and we spent way too much time exploring the small gift shop's Thomas the Train collection; we bought Mavis thereby bringing our personal train collection to 8,756. If your kid is into Thomas, then you understand the madness.  If you are a push-over for chubby cheeks and big brown eyes, then you too have more Thomas trains than your child can ever play with at one time, despite his screams to the contrary when his sisters try to hone in on the train action.

We really don't mind vacationing at home. We love our state and we find little reason to venture far from home. Actually, we consider ourselves really lucky to live here. We feel lots of sympathy for tourists who must carefully plan their ski vacations months in advance, and fly all the way out here, only to discover ski conditions downright suck.

Take tomorrow for instance. In the morning, I will simultaneously check road and ski conditions, then we'll decide whether to go skiing. No huge planning. No worries if it doesn't work out because if conditions are bad tomorrow, then we can always go snowshoeing, or see a movie, or head east to the Western Stock Show or, maybe, just spend the day on the couch watching Criminal Minds. Low stress.  That's the beauty of vacationing at home.

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