Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mail Rebel

Olie's birthday is fast approaching (it's three days from now), but her party isn't for three weeks because of Spring Break. We could have her party this weekend, but only like three of her friends will come because (a) it's Spring Break and (b) a lot of her friends' parents can afford to travel to exotic places (what is up with going to Costa Rica?) during Spring Break.

In the interest of frugality and allowing people plenty of time to rsvp, I handed out invitations to everyone I could find before the break, but one of Olie's friends, from her old school, lives around the corner from us, so my plan was to just put the invitation in their mailbox. All well and good, right? Except I took my husband, who is a stickler for the law when it does not pertain to him or his lead foot.

Me: Let's swing my Ellen's house so I can drop off this invitation.

MH: Ok.

We get to their house and I'm just about to put the invitation in the mailbox when I look over at the car and see Madhubby gesturing wildly.

Me: (annoyed) What?

MH: You can't put that in their mailbox. It's a federal offense for anyone but the mail carrier to put mail in someone's mailbox.

Me: *sigh* We do this ALL THE TIME. Are you kidding me?!

He wasn't kidding me and he made me leave the invitation in a less obvious place (the front door that NOBODY who has an attached garage ever uses!). I swear, the next time I have to deliver an invitation, Madhubby is staying at home and the invitation is going into the damned mailbox because I'm rebellious like that.

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Vonsteiner said...

I guess we will have to make sure there is enough $$$ in our savings to bail you out then.....