Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Sporting Woman

I'm sort of a sports girl. I have played sports my whole life. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad and I hitting the hardwood on my weekends with him. I think I was five or six, then. My mother introduced me to tennis when I was nine years old. And later, in high school, basketball and tennis were my sports of choice. I took up skiing when I was nineteen and now, at thirty-two, do all three sports for leisure with other sports thrown in for good measure.

But as much as I like to play sports, I never really enjoyed watching them until I started dating the right man. Oh, we watched the Braves when I was younger (and had no control over the television) and we always rooted for 'Bama (Roll Tide!), though we were far too poor to attend a single game for either team. 

Little did I know, when I started dating, that men are really overgrown boys. I dated a guy who was insane about football. Seriously, we watched football from 10am (pre-game coverage) until 9 or 10pm (the late game on ESPN) every Sunday during football season.  It sucked.  Then, there is occasional male who does not watch sports at all, not even golf, which is questionable as a sport, and I think it's weird because now, now, I really enjoy watching sports.   

Madhubby is to blame.  He is a sports FANATIC.  He doesn't watch all sports, he can't: he doesn't like them all, it's impossible, and we only have six television channels.  But, he can tell you the latest NBA D-League standings, what Ernie Els shot on which golf course and when, and, my personal favorite, the name of the NHL goalie whose throat was slashed (Clint Malarchuk in 1989).  I don't know how he knows this stuff.  I guess it's just stuff, mostly useless to me, that he has accumulated in his thirty-seven years on this planet.  

Naturally, he's an amazing fantasy sports league player, which I wouldn't normally divulge to anyone, but I'll tell you because, well, you might need help.  And, he wants to help those of you like me: those who like playing fantasy sports, but whose game play borders on extreme suckage.  You know who you are and you know you need help.  Well, suck no more, help is here.  

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