Thursday, June 5, 2008

The AT Effect

After only two short months, I can honestly say: I love you, Apartment Therapy. Room & Board has got nothing on you. Sure, R&B has nice looking furniture, but AT gets me hot. AT has it all, from posts like Broke Ass Decorating to amazing house tours. Basically, it's porn for design types.

Madhubby hates that I've discovered AT because once we went cable-free three years ago (and got rid of HGTV/TLC/A&E), I only thought about remodeling/redesigning our house six hours of the day instead of the usual twelve. Enter AT. I'm back to my usual, design frenzied self.

And, the editors over at AT don't make it easy. They flaunt the goods ALL THE TIME and they even find cool stuff for you to buy. At any given time, there are about a dozen or so unread posts just waiting for me to click. And boy do I click! Then my brain starts really humming and I think about the possibilities for my own house, and before you know it I'm at the hardware store buying Molly bolts.

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